Welcome to GGegigsie (pronounced geh-GIG-zee), so named because that be the IP address of this website in leet speak (66 = GG, 36 = EG, 165 = IGS + 13 = IE). 663616513

Here ye shall find many a technological treasure to burn yur eyes with. Right now, the pickins're scarce, but soon, this may become the greatest collection of cool technology on this side of the buzzy electricity between wires. Have as much fun as ye possibly can, and good luck to ya!

The Aforementioned Cool Stuff

Interactive Story Network - A place to create, add to, and share "choose your own adventure" type stories (not even beta, more of an aesthetic beta, but whatever)
Webcomic Experiment - A new experimental form of webcomic reading. It basically treats an entire webcomic as one huge image that will change its position based on mouse movement, kind of like an fps. Click the "Start Reading" button in the upper right corner of the screen to try it out. The webcomic is Pup Ponders The Heat Death Of The Universe written by Drew Weing. You can find the original comic here This does not work on Internet Explorer. Here is a test of paralax layering.

The tales of GG, EG, and scandalous Igsie

Of GG and EG and Igsie
Three tales from my memories rig me
The first of a fight
The second, a knight
The third, a brief fling with a fig tree

Oh Igsie, oh Igsie, oh scandalous Igsie
No soul shall forget your lovemaking a fig tree
So strong is your name in memory's grip
That in the IP, two quadrants it quips